Tuesday, 6 June

Aunt Nora’s last years were closely tied to our family, back in our Canada days. Every Saturday we went for a visit and had house concerts, sometimes with added guests. Nora had taught German classes and had enriched her teaching with puppet plays, performed by her students. She had been an excellent pianist.

Hellmut and Antoinette (Toto) had been Dorl’s second parents, one could say, when he came to study in Berlin. I always called them our “Wohltäter”, benefactors. I met Dorl there who showed up daily, together with his Cello, for playing some music and discussing Descartes with a student in residence. One can’t fathom how important those two great people were – rather are – to both of us. One of Hellmut’s words were “Zuneigung” (Affection), and that is which endures.

… from the obligatory white dress shirts with especially extra long sleeves / some mysterious notes / one of Dorl’s vademecums

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