Friday, 9 June

Some Documents

Yesterdays batch included a stack of documents dating from 2006 and 2007. We arrived in Berlin in June 2006 and these samples attest fresh courage and initiative that Dorl attached to this come-back on his old stomping grounds. More examples are to come.

naturalization (click to enlarge)

Every now and then Dorl nurtured the intention of taking on German citizenship; this is an early evidence. He never followed through, was born a Canadian, died a Canadian, but felt European without resentment to his birthland (with few exceptions).

Drivers Abstract Request – Claims History


I don’t know why Dorl needed this. He was a good driver and drove probably several times around the world in his lifetime, if one counts the mileage.  Some years after someone had crashed into his little “Auderl” he switched to public traffic, but since he often brought along half a laboratory that didn’t proof practical and he bought a car again. If the parking lot was close by he used to step into the shop after work for a little chat or a quiet cigar.

Here is Dorl’s letter asking to be accepted into the Viktor von Weizsäcker Society. He visited most of their conferences, probably all, and his mind truly worked on those issues he mentions in the letter all his life. In fact, the very morning of his death I had asked him about his plans for the day: “Cello spielen?” “Ja, zuerst” “Ein bisschen Übersetzen?” “Ja” – the translation was “Der Gestaltkreis” by Viktor von Weizsäcker into the English. Often at weekends, when I entered the living room, he sat there bent over the book on his knees, his spectacles on the nose (“my learned husband”) and typing eagerly with two fingers.

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