Traces from the legendary year 2006

bills, coins and stamps

The free days around Christmas invited me to open up some more boxes. Among the papers was a black tray with relics of 2006, the year of the move.

black tray contents
Bading Farewell to Victoria’s Music Shop

There were bank statements and bills, and among those this one from Long & McQuade, the chain which took over the Ward Music Shop after it had burned down in Downtown Victoria. Among the purchases the Six Suites (Bach, Cello – Fournier) and the Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Der VW Käfer


source: Wray Times, # 38, 2002 p. 7

Even with English as first language the yellow Beetle always was called thus. The Volkswagen owner’s manual dates back much further than 2006. Dorl’s father purchased the car, I think in the Seventies. The yellow Beetle carried plenty of family history attached to it and mastered uncountable miles. After it broke down it sat on a heap of gravel in Wray Avenue and slowly succumbed in the manner of totem poles to nature (see painting).

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Closing the Door on Kingston


I called the “survivals”: those tightly packed papers and documents from Dorl`s breast pocket. Here are samples from such a conglomerate:

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The backside detail obviously doesn’t originate from Dorl’s hand. It is a reminder, that he was also the “Papa” of several growing children.

Wisdom of the Wizard of Id

This strip of the “Wizard of Id” – probably clipped from a Times Colonist or else from the Globe and Mail – comforted us in the Dubya Bush times of craziness – but unfortunately proves to be timeless in its message.

Not Without Neck Tie!

Last but not least a further trace of one of Dorl’s inevitable identifiers: a neck tie. Thanks to generous relatives there was an annual supply of a very fine specimen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This lovely page of an Arabic manuscript renders a beautiful end point for a blog entry on the eve of Christmas Eve.