Sunday, 13 August

The last bits left behind for packing

Box 154

Box 154 unpacked and sorted

As a couple, and later as a family, we shared in several smaller and larger moves. Always when packing up all the belongings something small and ephemeral ended up to be sorted out from the rubble, the very last items to be taken along. I am quite sure, box 154 is such a box, probably filled around four o’clock in the morning before we collapsed into a last night’s rest in the home we were bound to leave. Who knows what those keys are for …
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Friday, 9 June

Some Documents

Yesterdays batch included a stack of documents dating from 2006 and 2007. We arrived in Berlin in June 2006 and these samples attest fresh courage and initiative that Dorl attached to this come-back on his old stomping grounds. More examples are to come.

naturalization (click to enlarge)

Every now and then Dorl nurtured the intention of taking on German citizenship; this is an early evidence. He never followed through, was born a Canadian, died a Canadian, but felt European without resentment to his birthland (with few exceptions).

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